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5 things you should NOT do before a doctor’s appointment (and 3 things you should)



1. 5 things you should NOT do before a doctor’s appointment (and 3 things you should)
An appointment with the doctor, even if it is for regular check-up, can make you feel nervous. All of us hope for everything to go right while meeting the doctor. Let us tell you that there are some things that you do before visiting your doctor that can make a difference in the verdict of your tests.
So, whether you are going for some common tests or check-ups, here’s a list of five things you should not do before a doctor’s appointment in order to get the most out of the visit.

2. Do not drink coffee before a blood pressure test
Blood pressure and body weight are two basic tests that are surely done when you visit a doctor. Having coffee or other caffeinated drinks or even colas within an hour of having your blood pressure measured can make the number rise artificially. You should also avoid consuming tobacco as it also does the same.

3. ​Do not take medicine for cold
If you are sick, you want to get the symptoms evaluated without the effects of over-the-counter medications. If possible, do not take any medicine so that your doctor can assess abnormal symptoms and findings that otherwise might subside at that time due to the effect of the medicine. If you are feeling too sick, it’s okay to take the medicine but just be ready to describe your symptoms to the doctor and tell him about the medicine that you have taken.

4. ​Do not get manicure or pedicure before a dermatologist appointment
Dermatologists need to see your nails as well, so it’s better if you keep them polish free. This is because subtle clues on your nails sometimes can indicate bigger health problems like heart ailments, anaemia and diabetes. Clear nails can make it easy to spot a fungus. Also, avoid putting make-up.

5. Do not drink alcohol before a cholesterol test
Your triglycerides levels (one of the four components measured in your lipid profile) can be altered if you consume alcohol before the test. You should avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours before your cholesterol test. Avoid sweets, high-fat foods and even overeating before the test. These can affect the triglyceride levels for a short term.

6. ​Do not use deodorant before a mammogram
It is advised that women should skip deodorant/antiperspirant on the day of the mammogram. The reason behind the same is that many deodorants and powders contain aluminium, which can look similar to breasts calcification and give a false positive test.

7. Three things you should do before a doctor’s appointment
– Write your questions and concerns beforehand
No matter what your appointment is for, it can make you feel nervous. It’s better to write down the things you want to talk about with your doctor. This way you are less likely to forget your symptoms and issues. And do not shy away from telling anything to your doctor, be it vaginal dryness or some issue that you have been facing during the intercourse.

8. Drink lots of water
It’s a good idea to hydrate yourself before you meet the doctor for a check-up. Being well hydrated will get the most accurate blood pressure and pulse readings.

9. ​Eat normally as you would do
You do not need to tweak your food intake before your appointment. Your doctor wants you to be upfront and open up about your lifestyle so that they can have an accurate history. And just so you know, dietary changes for one time or even a few days won’t change anything. It takes longer for the diet to make changes to your cholesterol and blood sugar levels.