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A Good Woman Is Hard to Find [2019 Hollywood Movie]



A Good Woman Is Hard to Find [Hollywood] – Rising star Sarah Bolger and director Abner Pastoll team-up for a dark tale of one mother’s desperation to keep her family safe, no matter the cost.
In 2015, director Abner Pastoll debuted his first feature film Road Games. The film was a bi-lingual twisted tale that starred Barbara Crampton and had genre fans taking notice. Now four years later, he has returned with his second movie A Good Woman is Hard to Find. The setting relocates from rural France to urban Ireland as we meet Sarah (Sarah Bolger) and her two children Lucy and Ben. Sarah has had a tough time recently, her husband was murdered in front of her son Ben, whom is now mute. With no money coming in, day-to-day life is a struggle. Then she meets local criminal Tito (Andrew Simpson) who forces her into criminal activities. Events spiral and soon Sarah finds herself entangled deep within a criminal underbelly; desperate to keep her family safe she resorts to extreme methods.
A Good Woman is Hard to Find is very different from Pastoll’s previous film. The pace is slower, the palette more subdued, and the world feels more tangible. Road Games is a great film, but it sticks to some fairly uniform genre tropes, the action all heightened and the acting is the same. This time around, Pastoll is much more firmly placed with the gritty crime thriller. The naturalism of the set, acting, and stark realities of life on the poverty line in England and Ireland, all add up to a more mature storyteller. It’s a true kitchen sink drama with added gangsters, drugs and blood.

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