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Add these two berries to your breakfast for weight loss



Dalia, poha, upma, oatmeal, smoothie, chiila, dosa, idli and cereal bowl are some of the easy-to-prepare and nutrition-loaded breakfast options. But what if we tell you that your nutritious breakfast can be made even more nutritious just by adding some delicious and healthy fruits.

Our kitchen shelves are loaded with ingredients that are a powerhouse of nutrition. Same goes for some readily available fruits that come handy and can make your regular meals even more nutritious and weight-loss friendly.

Fruits to add in your breakfast

Adding strawberries and mulberries (shehtoot) in your breakfast is one of the best bets to make your breakfast weight-loss friendly. You can add these to your oatmeal, daliya or cereal bowl to ensure a constant supply of nutrition in your body. Tasty, refreshing and succulent, mulberries and strawberries are full of soluble fibres and dietary fibres that help to boost the body’s digestive system. A good digestion is the most basic step towards losing weight.

Mulberries help in strengthening the digestive tract and can ease constipation and bloating. While strawberries, on the other hand, make your heart healthy, improve your digestion and is the only fruit to have a small amount of omega 3 fatty acid.

Mulberries can be used as a substitute for sugar as they are sweet in taste. Strawberries tend to quickly lose their nutrition after they are picked, so it’s best to consume strawberries soon after they are picked. Not just in your breakfast, you can add these two berries to make a smoothie or a refreshing beverage as well.