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Gigi Hadid Gets Dating Advice for Bachelorette’s Tyler Cameron from Sarah Hyland



Sarah Hyland has been in a similar situation as Gigi Hadid before, and she offered up some advice for the supermodel on dating a former star of The Bachelorette in Tyler Cameron. Not many contestants of The Bachelor franchise have gone on to get engaged to a celebrity, and thus, Hyland is now the leading authority for the cause.

Nearly the entirety of Cameron’s post-Bachelorette headlines has been centered around his budding romance with Hadid. Hyland, the Modern Family star, knows a thing or two about what it takes to make a relationship with a castoff from The Bachelorette work. She and Wells Adams, the bashful contestant on JoJo Fletcher’s season of the series and charmingly nosy bartender from Bachelor in Paradise, are engaged to be married. Cameron and Hadid aren’t there yet, as it was only a few months ago that Cameron was spotted outside Hannah Brown’s Los Angeles home after the two decided to go out for drinks. But Cameron and Brown have since moved on, and Cameron has literally moved, settling in New York City to pursue his modeling career and, quite possibly – Hadid as well.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hyland said she hadn’t met Cameron but she referred to some of her experiences with dating a contestant of the franchise. Hyland said, “Everything seemed to move really fast and I would make the joke a lot of, ‘I’m so glad that he did The Bachelorette because it’s almost like relationship boot camp.'” She said Adams’ time on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise helped him open up and be vulnerable quicker than he might have otherwise.

Of the specific advice she would give Hadid and Cameron, Hyland said, “Trust the process.” Adams then added that it’s a journey, the overused term that may as well at this point be defined in the dictionary as “A person’s overall experience on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.” Hyland refined her original statement by saying, “Trust the process of the journey.” While Adams and Cameron both connected with their respective partners the same way – by sliding into those DMs – Hyland said there’s some finesse required in the art, as she warned, “Always ask for a woman’s advice… For everything. Not just sliding into the DMs.” Adams said he followed this rule, enlisting his sister helped him secure a date with Hyland. The Hyland-Adams couple said they would love to go on a double date with Cameron and Hadid, but they are worried about the height differential that might occur. Hyland joked, “I’ll wear stripper shoes.”

While Adams and Cameron each deserve credit for being naturally lovable human beings, it says something about the increasing popularity of the show that two contestants of The Bachelor franchise have begun dating women who probably have plenty of other men to choose from. It’s not just that more viewers are watching the show; it’s the discussion that takes place – the endless memes, gifs, and hashtags – that thrust these characters into the spotlight more than ever before. As a result, it’s slowly becoming a trend – or en vogue, in Hadid’s case – for famous single celebrities to reach out to the deposed contestants. This may be the first time Hyland and Adams are expected to be the experts of navigating such circumstances. It surely won’t be the last.

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