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Married at First Sight’s Matt Gwynne Tells Amber Bowles Not to Change for Him



Married at First Sight star Matt Gwynne says that from the beginning he has told his wife Amber Bowles not to change for him, and that if the marriage doesn’t work out – it is what it is. Gwynne and Bowles seemed like a strong couple at the beginning but that seems to have changed as the season continues.

Gwynne, who’s an international basketball player, and Bowles, a middle school teacher, are one of the four couples who were married at the start of season 9 of Married At First Sight. Every season also features couples from a specific city, which can increase the odds of couples staying together if no one has to move across the country. Of the four couples that were married at the start of season 9, Gwynne and Bowles seemed like they could be a successful couple. They had a strong physical connection and were the first of the season to consummate their marriage, but fans remain uncertain if they have the emotional connection that’s also required to make the marriage work.

In a recent episode of Married at First Sight: Unfiltered (via RealityTVWorld) the international basketball player was asked what his wife could do in order to make their marriage work, following a number of issues between the couple that have developed throughout the season. Gwynne responded to the question saying that from the beginning, “especially when [they] started having issues,” that he told Bowles to be true to herself and that she shouldn’t try to be someone she’s not. Gwynne also said, “I think she needs to be as genuine and true as she can possibly be,” adding that “if it works out, it works out.” When asked by the show’s host, Jamie Otis, if he was taking the marriage seriously, Gwynne responding saying that “marriage is something I’m not very happy in right now, and I’m not really feeling like I want to spend much time with Amber at this time,” which came as a shock to Otis as well as Gwynne’s Married at First Sight costars.

One major issue that the basketball-loving pair have had to deal with this season is Gwynne’s rumored cheating. It was revealed during a past episode that there were multiple nights that Gwynne never came home, including one time where he disappeared for a 24 hour period and Bowles had no idea where he was. When asked about his disappearing act on an episode of Married at First Sight: Unfiltered, Gwynne justified his actions saying he “needed space” and he also said he didn’t feel guilty about embarrassing Bowles in the episodes where he wouldn’t come home and would refuse to talk about his whereabouts.

With season 9 of Married at First Sight still airing, this season’s four couples have yet to make their decisions about if they want to continue with the marriages, but if Gwynne isn’t willing to put in the effort it’s hard to see how his and Bowles’ relationship could succeed. His nonchalance toward his marriage and his comments to and about Bowles make it difficult for viewers to understand how their marriage could continue after the show ends.

Source: RealityTVWorld

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