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Miss Virginia [2019 Hollywood Movie]



Miss Virginia – MISS VIRGINIA is based on the true story of Virginia Walden Ford, a struggling single mother (here played by Uzo Aduba) who’s afraid of losing her 15-year-old son James (Niles Fitch) to the negative influences of the Washington, D.C., streets. Unwavering and unwilling to see him drop out of school and deal drugs, she puts him in a private school, and then has to fight to keep him there due to her lack of financial resources. When she can’t afford tuition, she launches a movement to change the system that’s hurting him and thousands of other low-income students. Attacked and threatened by those who don’t want change — from corrupt politicians to the local drug lord, who feels threatened by her for wanting positive change in the community — Virginia must dig deep to muster more strength than she ever knew she had. And she won’t be able to do it without the help of an unexpected ally, Congressman Cliff Williams (Matthew Modine).

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