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Scare Attraction [2019 Hollywood Movie]



Scare Attraction – Scare Attraction is the latest film from Director Steven M. Smith. The film revolves around a pair of reality TV Stars who attend a Halloween scare attraction. The pair soon find out that it’s an absolute shambles of an event but must stay in order to receive their pay packet for attending. Soon after entering an escape room they are locked in and gassed. When they awake they find themselves tied to a chair and must confess their sins in order to escape.
Reminiscent of Saw and the surprise 2019 hit Escape Room, Scare Attraction has a little wink and nod to these two classics but without any of the substance beyond that. Set design/dressing is all but none existent throughout and the escape room is well, an empty room with a countdown clock in it. Shot in four days on a shoe-string budget Scare Attraction is shot mostly like a mockumentary. Jon Paul Gates is the host who guides us on a tour of the (and I use this lightly) scare attraction. Throughout this tour, I found it hilarious as everyone was playing themselves and using their real-life names. Whilst these guys don’t make Oscar-worthy films they’re a group of mates who make films what they want to make. Kudos to them for doing so!

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