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The Social Network But With Jeremy Renner’s App is Perfect



A new parody shows what it would look like if The Social Network was based on Jeremy Renner’s defunct app. It’s something of a continuation for the strange news Renner has generated in recent weeks, and if he were in a competition with co-star Scarlett Johansson to see who could garner the most negative attention, Renner might now be back in the lead.

Renner’s app was launched two years ago, with the intention of bringing fans an inside look at the actor. Users received a personalized feed of the Hawkeye star, replete with photos and videos and posts, which they could comment on. Users that made purchases earned a boost in the visibility of their comments, increasing the possibility that Renner himself would respond to them. In fairness, Renner isn’t the only one with such a platform. Others, like David Ramsey, Paris Hilton, and Dominic Monaghan, have similar apps. But it is, at the very least, a little odd and esoteric. A new parody evokes a memorable trailer, for a very memorable film, to poke fun at the shortcomings of Renner’s app and its ultimate demise.

The mashup is courtesy of Clemmie. In a reimagination which blends David Fincher’s The Social Network with Renner’s ambitions for the app, the humor is drawn from contrasting Facebook’s huge influence with the small impact of Renner’s app. The parody also makes note of how for, most people, Renner is far better known for his appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe than for being a two-time Academy Award nominee. Clemmie might be playing out what we’ve all been thinking. See for yourself below.

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the social network but it’s about the jeremy renner app

The app shut down last week after a swarm of incidents where trolls created accounts to impersonate Renner, as well as other users. The CEO of EscapeX, which created the app, told WIRED that he felt the situation with the trolls definitely could have been handled better and at a swifter rate. Despite this, the CEO said, there were no plans to shutter other apps which offer exclusive access to celebrities.

Still, in Renner’s case, it’s not just the story of a single aspiration gone awry. It’s only the latest example of an eyebrow raising, amusing news item to involve the actor. He’s launched something called The Jeremy Renner Store, in collaboration with Amazon. He’s also dabbled in music, to mixed reactions. If his wild summer stretches further, he might be more widely recognized for his off camera endeavors than those two Oscar nominations.

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