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This kind of body fat can actually help you lose weight



The best way to lose weight is no more a secret – healthy meals accompanied by regular workouts make for the best weight loss recipe. But then that’s just not it. There are many other tips and tricks that one can try to make their weight loss journey easier.

Recently a group of researchers from the U.S. and Japan found out that secret to rapid weight loss is to increase one kind of fat in the body – the brown fat.

The study
According to the study in addition to using glucose and fat to heat up the body when its cold outside, brown fat is an important filter in clearing up the (BCAA) amino acids in the blood. Amino acids in the blood have been linked with obesity.

BCCA is the essential amino acid that stimulates protein synthesis in muscles and reduces muscle breakdown. Many bodybuilders take them as supplements for improving their performance.

The three types of fat in the body
Our bodies have three types of fat – white, brown and tan or beige fat.

White fat
The white fat accumulates under the skin (subcutaneous) and around the organs (visceral) when your body stores energy as triglyceride molecules. White fat helps in the normal functioning of the hormones including insulin, estrogen, cortisol, leptin and growth hormone. Excess of white fat, however, can lead to conditions like obesity, liver disease and heart disease.

Brown fat
Brown fat is responsible for a minuscule proportion of fat in adults. Brown fat uses energy to generate heat. It has more blood capillaries and more iron than white fat. The extra iron is what gives this fat its brown colour. Brown fat makes up for 5-10 per cent of the body weight in newborns-borns. In adults, this type of fat is accumulated in the neck region. This fat helps in reducing the overall fat in the body, however, it’s not yet clear how.

Beige/tan fat
This type of fat is thought to burn fatty acids for energy when are cold or stressed.

The research
When we feel cold, brown fat uses fat and glucose in the body to generate heat. Scientists have been trying to find ways to activate brown fat. And it is found that drinking black coffee and swimming in cold water can help your body do so. Though scientists do not know the mechanism of how exactly the brown fat counters obesity.