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Trick [2019 Hollywood Movie]



Trick – Horror fans are very forgiving. As long as we’re not bored, we often overlook the flaws of a genre film. Patrick Lussier’s “Trick” really tests this theory. Sure, I was never bored, but this movie makes zero sense, and contains some shockingly bad filmmaking, acting, writing … pretty much everything. It is remarkably grisly and violent, containing a body count that tops the double digits, and almost all of the victims of its quality kills see their insides before they die. In an era in which “elevated horror” often means low body counts, it may thrill you just to see an old-fashioned slasher pic in which dozens of people die in bloody, violent ways. Sadly, that’s about all you’ll get here, and if you think about the logic of its goofy narrative, or what its cheap final act is possibly trying to say, you’ll just get a headache.

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